It was a gray, disgusting animal. Klein carefully identified it and found that it turned out to be a mouse, dozens of hundreds of mice. Because the iron cage went deep into the ground, there were no gaps. The mice ran around but couldn’t escape. At this time, as the cage door closed, the chains of the two dogs were untied. The black-and-white dog was stunned at first, and then excitedly played with the mice. People around were either holding up their wine glasses and staring attentively, or yelling: “Kill it and kill it.””Doug Doug” the dog caught the mouse Klein woke up, his mouth twitched. The gambling project here turned out to be betting on which dog caught more mice. Maybe you can bet on a few more. No wonder there have been people buying live mice on Iron Cross Street. It’s really unique. Klein shook his head, amused and walked away from the edge. The drinkers who passed by came to the front of the bar. The “new face” bartender looked up at him while wiping his glass, “Rye beer 1 penny, Enmart beer 2 pennies, South Wales beer 4 pennies, or you want a glass of pure malt Ronzi” “I Find Mr. Wright.” Klein said straightforwardly. The bartender blew his whistle and shouted to the side: “Old man, someone is looking for you.” “Well, who?” A vague voice came out, and a drunken old man stood up behind the bar. He rubbed his eyes and looked at Klein and said: “Young man, you are looking for me” “Mr. Wright, I want to hire a mercenary team to do the task.” Klein replied according to Dunn’s orders. “The mercenary squad, are you living in an adventure story, there is no such thing long ago” the bartender interrupted and laughed. Wright was silent for a few seconds and said: “Who told you to find it here” “Dun, Dunn Smith.” Klein answered truthfully. Wright suddenly laughed: “I understand. In fact, the mercenary squad still exists. It’s just a different form and a name that is closer to the current society. You can find one on the 2nd floor of 36 Zotland Street. ” Thank you.” Klein thanked him sincerely, turning around and squeezing out the bar.Before he suddenly quieted down, and there was only a whisper: Honest City The good name Klein silently read the newspaper and raised his head towards him. “Doug actually lost” “Lost”Klein shook his head funny, walked away quickly, and asked for directions to the nearby Zotland Street. “30, 32, 34 here.” He counted the house numbers and walked into the stairs. Going around the corner and stepping up, he saw the vertical sign, and saw the current name of the so-called mercenary team: “Blackthorn Security Company.” Chapter 17 Special Operations Department “Blackthorn Security Company. See the sign Klein froze for a long time, feeling an unexpected but reasonable feeling. I really don’t know how to ridicule . He shook his head and laughed, stepped up, stretched out his right hand, and tapped the half-covered door. slow and rhythmic knocking sound echoed, that the house did not respond, only “da da da” movement vaguely heard. tapping Klein repeated again, still the same result. he knocked to push change, Let the gap widen, and then I looked in. I saw a group of classical sofas, soft-sided chairs and wood-colored coffee tables that were not used for reception. I saw a table directly opposite, and my head was drooping behind the table. A little brown-haired girl. Although the “Security Company” brand is just a disguise, it’s too, too “professional”. How long has it been since no business has come to your door? Okay, you don’t need any business Klein slander , Leaning closer, on the table, in the girl’s ear, knocked twice again. Dong Dong, the brown-haired girl sat upright, suddenly picked up the newspaper spread out in front of her with both hands, and blocked her face. The steam train “Flying” is really open today. When will it be possible to go directly to Dixi Bay? I don’t want to go by boat anymore. It’s too uncomfortable, very uncomfortable. Hey, who are you? The brown-haired girl pretended to read and commented. , While talking, she lowered the newspaper, revealing her smooth forehead and light brown eyes, first to please and then to look at Klein in astonishment. “Hello, this is Klein Moretti, I should be Mr. Dunn Smith From the invitation. Klein took off the top hat, placed it on his chest, and bowed slightly.The brown-haired girl in her early twenties, wearing a light green roun-style light dress, with beautiful lace on the cuffs, neckline, chest and other places, set off her face even more beautiful. “Hi Captain, you wait here, I’ll ask him.” The girl hurriedly got up and entered the inner room through the door next to her. Not to mention that the service consciousness of pouring a glass of water is worrying, Klein smiled slightly and waited on the spot without going to the sofa or chair. After two or three minutes, the brown-haired girl opened the door and said with a sweet smile: “Mr. Moretti, please follow me. The captain is on duty at the Chanis Gate today and cannot leave.” “Okay.” Klein took a gentle step. He whispered in his heart. Chanis Gate, what is that? Through the partition, the first thing that caught his eyes was a short corridor, with three offices on the left and right. Some of these offices are locked and some are open, and people inside can be seen tapping with a heavy mechanical typewriter. After a glance, Klein unexpectedly found an acquaintance: the young police officer who came to search his home that day, the one with black hair and blue eyes, and the romantic temperament of a poet. He didn’t wear formal clothes, his white shirt didn’t stick into his pants, he looked like a wild and unruly person. Maybe he is really a poet Klein nodded in greeting, and the other party smiled back. The brown-haired girl turned the handle of the office on the left at the end, pushed the door open, pointed inside and smiled: “You have to go down a few stairs.” There are no items in this office, only the gray stone stairs extending down. The walls on both sides of the stairs are lit with elegant gas lamps, and the steady light drives away the darkness and brings peace.The brown-haired girl walked forward, staring at her feet, walking cautiously: These sacred seemed to Nothing special, but walking between them, Klein’s mood gradually calmed down, Luo Shan also closed his mouth, and stopped chatting like just now.”Although I often walk here, I am still afraid. I am always worried about falling down. You don’t know. Leonard has done such a stupid thing. On the first day he became a sleepless person, he didn’t fully grasp On the first day of his own strength, he tried to run down at a sprint speed, and then he turned into a wheel, haha, it’s funny to think of it, well, that’s the guy who greeted you just now, this is all three years ago Speaking of it, it’s been five years since I joined the Night Watcher, when I was only seventeen years old.” The girl said while watching the road, she said familiarly. Suddenly, she patted her forehead covertly and said, “Forget about introducing yourself. Yes, my name is Luo Shan. My father is an official member of the Night Watcher. He died in an accident five years ago. From now on we should be colleagues. Uh, we should use the term colleague. We can’t count as teammates. After all, we are not extraordinary. . ” ” I hope to have the honor, but in the end will have to see how Mr. Smith said. “Klein looked closed around to speak, they began to penetrate into the underground cliff cold damp out, to disperse the summer heat. “Don’t worry, if you can come here directly, it means that the captain has agreed. I have always been a little afraid of the captain. Although he is very kind and caring, and gives the feeling of my father, but I don’t know why, it is just afraid.” Luo Shan said in a voice. It’s like containing a piece of sugar. Klein responded humorously: “Isn’t it normal to be afraid of my father?” “It makes sense.” Luo Shan reached out at the corner and held up the wall. While they were talking, the two of them finished the spiraling stairs and came to the flat ground paved with slate. This is a long aisle, and the walls on both sides are also inlaid with gas lamps surrounded by metal grids, and the light is swaying downward, dragging the shadows of Klein and Roshan. Klein keenly noticed that there was a “Sacred Emblem of Darkness” at intervals on the wall. It was the symbol of the Goddess of Dark Night, “deep black as the background, brightly embellished, surrounded by exactly half of the crimson moon.” “Go to the left to the Church of St. Serena, to the right is the weapon, materials and archives, and go straight to the Chanis Gate.”Not long after, a crossroad appeared in front, and the brown-haired girl briefly introduced: “Then look at this contract, haha, now everyone likes to call it a contract.” Dunn opened the table. Drawer, took out a duplicate contract.Is it possible that St. Selena’s Church Zotland Street was on the back of Red Moon Street and Klein was dumbfounded. The Church of St. Serena on Red Moon Street is the headquarters of the Church of the Goddess of the Night in Tingen. It is a sacred place that local devout believers aspire to. The Church of the God of Steam and Machinery in the suburbs is also located in the north of Tingen. The “River and Sea Church”, the church of the Lord of Storms in the district, has jointly supported the religious circles of Tingen City and its affiliated towns and villages. Consciously being unsuitable for asking more questions with his current status, Klein just listened silently without making a sound. After crossing the crossroads and going straight ahead, in less than a minute, a black iron gate with seven holy emblems engraved on them appeared in front of them. It stands there, intuitively giving people the feeling of heavy, cold and overlooking, like a giant guarding in the dark. “Chanis Gate.” Luo Shan said, pointing to the room next to him, “The captain is inside, you can go in by yourself.” “Okay, trouble you.” Klein replied politely. The room that Luo Shan pointed to was just in front of the “Chanis Door”, the window was open, and the light was shining out, Klein took a breath, calmly flexed his fingers. 咚咚咚”Come in.” Dunn Smith’s deep and gentle voice came.