d bone shield, which is as big as three or four door panels. Two straight, pointed iron rods, one on the left and the other on the right, protrude from the opening on the shield and point straight forward, like sharp arrows ready to go. and On both sides of the iron car, there are dozens of such iron rods, each with its own thigh thickness, reflecting the dim metallic luster under the brazier. “The scripture named it a siege beast,” the pope walked to the iron cart and patted the solid iron rod. “It can only be activated by magic and requires three or four witches to make it function normally. The attack distance of the city beasts is much longer than that of catapults and ballistas. Normal city walls are difficult to withstand the destruction of iron arrows. Sailboats made of giant trees are like thin paper in front of them, whether it is destroying the strong walls of Wolfheart City or blocking black sails. The advancement of the fleet is easy for it.” “This is also a weapon developed by the Secret Temple?” “No,” Oberlain shook his head. “You should be able to guess that it comes from our enemy— —The devil in the abyss of hell. This is why the church hides the siege beast in the depths of the cave. Remember, when you use it, you must hide your whereabouts as much as possible, and don’t let the civilians see its appearance. understood. “Mayne bowed his head. Why can the devil’s weapons be manipulated by witches? Do they have the same magic power as humans? He suppressed the doubts in his heart and did not continue to ask. Obviously these things can only be waited until he becomes the new pope. Qualified to understand. “In addition, in order to prevent Garcia and the Wolf King from fleeing again, I will send two pure men to help you fight. “The pope said in a solemn voice, “No one can escape hunting from them. Use the blood of these blasphemers to help Heather.” The pure under the crown of the Pope! His heart is shocked. The witches raised and surviving by the church are called pure, but the witches under the

mething after going to Border Town that made the change now. Tifeko shook his head, leaving these distracting thoughts behind. “What’s the matter, Your Majesty?” “No, nothing,” the new king took a breath, “the storm is about to come.” No matter what he encounters, the population and location of Border Town are destined for him to retreat—nothing. There was a port, no fleet, and untouchable wilderness behind him. He could only defend that corner until he was exhausted by his own offensive. “Do you insist on leaving tomorrow?” the knight asked worriedly. “If you stop at some rain, how do you go to meet the real storm?” Tifeko turned around. Sooner or later, Roland Wimbledon would kneel at his feet begging for forgiveness, and the crown of the King of Graycastle would definitely be worn on his head, but these were just the curtains just started. The church’s movements and intentions are becoming more and more obvious. One day, Graycastle will fight against the church, and that will be the real challenge. “Go and work on your business, as soon as you complete the task I entrusted to you, you can return to the royal capital as soon as possible.” “Yes, Your Majesty.” Ed took two steps, then turned around and asked, “I almost forgot, my Majesty , What about the people who swallowed the pill and didn’t die on the battlefield? They are already taking the medicine for the third time.” “Let them incinerate with Clearwater Harbor.” He replied blankly. The knight led the way, and Tifeko suddenly felt a cool nose, raised his head, and the rain fell from the clouds, first a few sparsely, then more densely, and soon ripples on the sea surface. ******************* The new holy city of Hermes, at the top of the Sky Tower. “Damn it, damn it!” Tefren smashed the table fiercely, “This bitch of a bitch! Blasphemer! How dare she point her finger at the church!?” Mayne was still number one. The second time I saw the old bishop’s gaffe, the blue veins on his forehead violently, his beard trembled with anger, and his face looked like he

table. The books on the table are neatly arranged, and there are several unfinished manuscripts in the center. The quill pen is inserted in the ink bottle and you can lift it up. Write it down. He walked to the table step by step and sat down on the wide chair. The chair surface is covered with a cool pad made of bamboo, which is suitable for alleviating the summer heat. There is also a large bucket of water next to the chair, which is obviously used to place ice awns and cool down the heat. However, today’s weather is a bit gloomy, the dark clouds on the sea are very low, and the room does not appear sultry. Tifeko leaned over and put his face on the table and sniffed, a faint scent passed into his nostrils-this is Garcia’s favorite blue amaranth scent, produced in Cold Wind Ridge. Like roses and rosemary, it contains a unique cooling sensation, like melting the snow and ice of the north. Only long-term use of an object can make it smell of itself. There is no doubt that his sister always sits on a chair like him, with her hands on the table, or listening to reports from her staff, or Write decree. Thinking of this, he couldn’t help laughing. “Hahahahahahahahaha —————————” In the end, Tifeko simply leaned back in his chair, raised his head and laughed loudly. He finally won! Garcia gave up Clearwater Port and the southern border, which was tantamount to giving up the throne of Greycastle. Since inquiring about the Black Sail fleet going northward along the coastline, he immediately summoned his men and drove more than 5,000 slaves, rats and criminals to the south, and launched an attack on Garcia’s Laoshui Harbor. The only resistance came from the sand people in the extreme south. They didn’t know what promise they had received, and they rushed forward as if desperately. And the trouble is, they also have crazy pills. This battle lasted for nearly half a month. Tifeko took advantage of the large number of people to disrupt the opponent’s counterattacks time and time again, and constantly eroded the s

ou about their recent situation, are they sick?” This is a new and interesting question. Seni couldn’t help but Cocked the corners of his mouth, if it hadn’t happened to have seen them go through the formalities in the city hall, I really couldn’t answer, “They went to Longsong Fortress.” “Ah,” the other party showed a disappointed look, “Aren’t they going to stay here? Border town?” “Just go to the fortress theater to perform,” he shrugged, “and it’s so hot now, you can’t bear to see them standing in the sun and sweating? They will continue to return in autumn. The square is performing the new drama.” “Original, it turned out to be so thank you, my lord!” Seeing the young man leaving contentedly, Seni couldn’t help thinking of himself—from knights to prisoners, from prisoners to city hall officials. Yue’s experience can be described as ups and downs. He didn’t want to return to the territory of Benlang’s house, where there was nothing but dilapidated houses and tracts of wheat fields. Being a knight just wanted to get rid of the life of following his father for a lifetime. Not every knight can be as beautiful as the dawn and morning light, or have the best territories and subordinates like a ducal knight. Now his salary for a year is more than when he was a knight, and there is still a broad room for improvement. Maybe it’s time to bring your parents to the town, marry a girl, and enjoy life. (To be continued.) Chapter 264 The first batch of wheat planted in Fengshou Border Town finally ushered in the harvest day. Under the scorching sun, the serfs cut the wheat stalks with sickles, bundled them up and transported them to the other side of the river. Roland knows that the process from wheat ears to wheat kernels is a very tedious process. Before mechanical farming tools and combine harvesters are popular, wheat kernels need to be separated, cleaned, screened, and dried manually. Now he witnessed this process again. After the wheat stalks were transported back to the camp, the serfs spread them out on the gr

ntentions. “Yes, the length of each section should not exceed five meters, and the depth should be about one meter. . After filling the cement, let the witch lower the groove by one meter. Repeatedly, a concrete wall inserted directly into the bottom of the river bed can be formed. “This plan came up by Roland after seeing Lian’s ability. Since she can control the ground to descend straight, she must be able to bring the structures built on the ground into the ground together. “Your idea is really clever,” Carl said. Yiliang said, “In this way, even if the river water washes away the outer soil, it will be blocked by the tightly wrapped wall. Roland nodded, “The key point is to control the overall height of the sinking. If it is less, the bottom will not be tightly wrapped. If it is more, it will waste cement and delay the construction period. You are responsible for controlling this. “Yes, Your Highness,” he replied, “Taking into account the silt and soft soil excavated, I estimate that the entire height should be about twelve meters. “In addition, after cement walls are built around, the land in the middle should not be covered with cement. I will plant flowers and grass on them in the future. “The prince said. “Plant flowers?” Carl was stunned. After all, these walls cannot be drip-proof, and if they are constructed in stages, there must be even gaps in the walls. To further stabilize the soil, the easiest way is to plant grass-vegetation can balance. The soil contains water and reduces soil erosion, especially the super-long root weeds after the leaf magic modification, which can ensure that the soil is firmly consolidated. A brief explanation of the soil-retaining effect of the lower plants, Roland turned and looked toward the busy river bank Workers, “How is the approach bridge constructed now? “The cement and gravel pavement is being laid,” Carl reported without hesitation. “It should be completed this week.” According to the plan, the approach bridges on both sides of the river are made of rubble cement,