et Barov find a way to fill the personnel gap.” “Yes, Your Highness,” Camer said again, “Has your “Intermediate Chemistry” written yet? If you can give it to me, maybe I can come up with a large-scale acid production method earlier.” “I said at the award ceremony, as long as the apprentices and assistants you train can fill the new laboratory. , I will hand the book to you,” Roland said. In fact, the book hasn’t moved a word yet-elementary chemistry alone has emptied his few chemistry knowledge, and even if he racks his brains, he may not be able to make up a few pages of content in intermediate chemistry. The fourth is the Minister of Construction, Karl Van Bert. “First of all, I want to thank the master of the next scroll,” he first nodded to the scroll, “I am really happy to learn that those children graduated successfully.” Compared with the chief alchemist, Mr. Stonemason’s social talent can be described as a world apart. No, and the scroll also nodded in response, “This is what I should do.” Then Karl opened the record book he carried and said methodically: “Nowadays, the various projects in the town are progressing steadily. The main item is the kingdom. The road, Chishui Bridge, residential buildings in the new residential area and the new city wall. Among them, the number of people on Wang Guo Avenue has reached 4,500, half of which are from Changge Fortress, which is expected to be completed next spring. Chishui Bridge is still undergoing underground cement wall enclosure construction , Residential area It has been extended to the vicinity of the old city wall, and the number of people to be built is about 1,000. As long as the supply of bricks and cement can be guaranteed, it should be possible to complete the set task of relocating all the refugees from the East to the town before the arrival of the Evil Moon. “Since Carl often reports to Roland on the current status of the project on weekdays, this statement is very brief, such as the expansion of the castle area and the construction of the Witch Bui