ntentions. “Yes, the length of each section should not exceed five meters, and the depth should be about one meter. . After filling the cement, let the witch lower the groove by one meter. Repeatedly, a concrete wall inserted directly into the bottom of the river bed can be formed. “This plan came up by Roland after seeing Lian’s ability. Since she can control the ground to descend straight, she must be able to bring the structures built on the ground into the ground together. “Your idea is really clever,” Carl said. Yiliang said, “In this way, even if the river water washes away the outer soil, it will be blocked by the tightly wrapped wall. Roland nodded, “The key point is to control the overall height of the sinking. If it is less, the bottom will not be tightly wrapped. If it is more, it will waste cement and delay the construction period. You are responsible for controlling this. “Yes, Your Highness,” he replied, “Taking into account the silt and soft soil excavated, I estimate that the entire height should be about twelve meters. “In addition, after cement walls are built around, the land in the middle should not be covered with cement. I will plant flowers and grass on them in the future. “The prince said. “Plant flowers?” Carl was stunned. After all, these walls cannot be drip-proof, and if they are constructed in stages, there must be even gaps in the walls. To further stabilize the soil, the easiest way is to plant grass-vegetation can balance. The soil contains water and reduces soil erosion, especially the super-long root weeds after the leaf magic modification, which can ensure that the soil is firmly consolidated. A brief explanation of the soil-retaining effect of the lower plants, Roland turned and looked toward the busy river bank Workers, “How is the approach bridge constructed now? “The cement and gravel pavement is being laid,” Carl reported without hesitation. “It should be completed this week.” According to the plan, the approach bridges on both sides of the river are made of rubble cement,