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isive temperament, this decision may take him toss and turn for two or three days to make it, plus the time to wait for the news to spread and the emotions of other nobles to ferment, enough for them to quietly fill in several new secret passages. Enough manpower. After that, as long as the midnight bell is used as an order to rush into the castle together, the snow powder weapon will lose its usefulness. In the face of absolute number advantage and favorable terrain, Roland. Wimbledon must be hard to fly. “He’s here,” Guy reminded. George immediately put on a smiling face and moved forward. The first row of the team was the family members of Lord Lord, and the second row was the turn of the nobles. Count Delta was with the new king, introducing the greeter with a pleasing expression. Seeing his round face that was almost out of sight with his smile, and the trembling double chin, George felt nauseous in his heart. If he remembered correctly, when Tifeike led his army through Chishui City, the lord also flattered the second prince. “Your Majesty, this is the master of Panshiling, George. Earl Narry. “Delta finally walked in front of him. “Salute you, your honorable Majesty,” George stroking his chest with his right hand, bending down deeply, and said in the most enthusiastic tone, “Panshiling is rich in the most mellow tea and fruit wine. You are willing to reward, it will be my honor. ” “Is it? Roland’s response was a bit unexpected, “Where is your territory?” “At this time, shouldn’t the posture of the higher person indicate that he has received his feelings. Will he go to patronize when he has time? But he quickly replied, “Just walk two miles east of Chishui City from here to the east, you see Below the first mountain is the territory of the Narui family. “It sounds like the scenery should be good, I hope you can cherish it,” Xin Wang patted him on the shoulder and said with a smile. Cherish? What does this mean? George frowned secretly, still on the surface. Yes, Your Majesty. There was no accident in the gr