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tartled, “Oh my God, is this also an evil beast? It’s almost as high as the wall! It looks like a huge turtle with a huge carapace on its back.” Ender Lia suddenly came to the spirit, “Carapace? These muskets may have limited effect. As long as I get close to the range of ten steps, even the wall can’t stop my magical arrows. Ashes, you come to cover me.” “Hoo, okay. Come,” Ashes reluctantly took off the big sword behind him, “Say it first, don’t lose Master Tilly’s face.” “You guys don’t go,” Sylvie stopped, “They still have—” Ender Leah did not hear the second half of the other party’s sentence, she only heard a deafening roar, like a thunder in her ears. Looking back, the metal tubes erected on the city wall spewed flames in the same place. This time, she vaguely caught the trajectory of the arrows flying—they looked like shadows, moving towards the distance with lightning speed. The monster that just appeared flew away. After a few breaths, there were several height-high snow pillars around the monster. After the flying snow fell, the ugly huge evil beast was still proceeding at a fixed speed-obviously this attack failed to hit the opponent. But even so, it is enough to surprise Andrea. This distance is far beyond the longbow and heavy crossbow. “This is” “His Royal Highness calls it a field gun. Simply put, it is an enlarged “A musketeer,” Sylvie released his covered ears. “It is much more powerful than a musket, and its range is much longer. He used this to easily defeat Tifeko’s militia ship at the fork of the Chishui River. Team.” The evil beast’s luck could not continue. In the second round of shelling, two shots accurately hit its carapace. Andrea could see clearly that the rugged carapace rose in the dull crash. A layer of mist was directly blasted out of two large holes on the side close to the head, and black blood and internal organs spurted from the holes, splashing everywhere. The battle ended shortly after the city walls fell down in front of the corpses of evil beasts, and the blood flowed whi