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d discomfort of the strange environment after crossing. He knew very well that if he had more information as soon as possible, he could reduce the risk of exposure. I have to say that there is nothing in the fourth prince’s head other than fooling around with the group of elder brothers. Roland did not recall any valuable information-such as the nobles’ knowledge, political situation, neighboring country diplomacy, etc. As for some basic common sense, such as city names and major event years, he also couldn’t connect with the European history he knew. It seems that this person is absolutely missed the throne, and perhaps the King of Greycastle knows this, so he should be thrown into such a ghostly place-even if he is unwilling to do anything, it will not cause much damage. And those brothers and sisters, Roland, thought about it a little bit, only to laugh or cry. The eldest brother is powerful, the second brother is very sinister, the third sister is fierce, and the fifth sister is too smart. This is the impression left by the fourth prince. What should he say? After more than ten years of getting along, the final impression was summed up in just a few words. They have no idea what forces they have cultivated, who their capable subordinates are, and what they are good at. It has only been three months since I came to Border Town. The nobles here no longer conceal their contempt. It can be seen that the Fourth Prince is indeed not a leader. Fortunately, when he left the royal city, Wimbledon III also provided two people to assist him, otherwise it would be a shame. Early the next morning, the maid Tyre reminded Roland repeatedly that the assistant minister wanted to see herself. It seemed that he couldn’t delay any longer. He touched two hands of the maid’s ass as he remembered, and asked her to notify Barov to go to the drawing room and wait. Seeing Tyre walking out the door with a blushing face, Roland suddenly remembered, since it is farming, would it be accompanied by a system or something? He yawned and medi