me together with the Quinn family,”

he also knows that this sentence is just a vent of anger. The organizers of the “black money” are all wealthy merchants in Glow City, and their status is no less than that of the great nobles; and the wealth accumulated in the Moa family’s vault is very rich. Most of it comes from the pockets of these people. “In addition, the Tocart family has publicly come together with the Quinn family,” the minister swallowed, “but please don’t worry too much, your majesty. I heard that the Lossy family has rejected Hoford several times. Quinn’s invitation. “This is the reason why the three big families that his father is proud of, Ampeyin sneered in his heart. Now the two families have become anti-thief, acting faster than those little nobles who wait and see, and the last one dared not move rashly. Because Otto Losey is still in his own hands. But this may be a weapon for him. “Send someone to tell Lord Losey that if he wants to prove himself innocent, he will immediately bring the knights and guards in the territory to support him. Royal palace. “Ampeyin said coldly, “Otherwise I would not show mercy to the heirs of the rebellious family.” “I’ll do it now!” “The minister hurriedly responded. Two hours later, the Lord of Dawn received the news that Earl Losey was willing to be loyal, which calmed his anger a little bit. Compared with the bad news flying in the sky, he finally turned the situation to his side. A little bit back. Ampein doesn’t care much about the knights in the Rosie family. The most important thing is that he knows that the young generation of the three families are brothers and sisters. If they know that fighting against the king will kill one of them, they will still be in power with the family. Is the pace of the people consistent? This is undoubtedly a stinger that is difficult to remove. Soon, the deadline announced by the former prime minister, Howard Quinn, has arrived. Chapter 938 The first shot when the light of dawn crosses When the city wall was shot into the inner city of the royal capital, th