behind him and said, “You should live in the Noble Court, and you should have a letter in a few days.” Chapter Ninety Nine The hero Richard sent the convoy back to Gaoshan Fort and stayed in Noble Court for a few days. The military aid that Sauron had promised earlier did not arrive, but he waited for something he had never dreamed of before. At that time, Lord Lord was enjoying the public money in the aristocratic court. Sauron opened the door and hurried in, which was very different from his usual lazy and leisurely performance. Knock, knock! As he spoke, Richard’s mouth was full of stone frogs and the legs shook. After a while, a pile of broken bones came out with his mouth open. The back glands of this forest frog are highly poisonous, but the clean meat is one of the treasures of Pompeii. Of course-the price is as beautiful as the taste. Lord Lord also discovered by accident that the upper limit of boarding and lodging provided by Noble Court was so high. Hurry up, a real big man wants to see you. Sauron took a word and turned away without looking back. Hello, who? Richard wiped his mouth indiscriminately with his sleeve, leaving behind a mess and hurried to catch up. There were carriages waiting for them at the door, and the two tall horses were neatly groomed, and only when the passengers were seated, they started to rush. The big man you are talking about is not the Governor of the Northeast, right? The lord found that the carriage was driving towards the most prestigious residence in Coron, and the building covered in pure white marble was getting closer and closer as the wheels turned. It is your majesty. Sauron was so pitiful that the words were like a golden spirit. After speaking, he stopped speaking, leaving only Richard looking at the sauce and oil stains on both sides of his cuffs, his eyes slightly dull. The carriage stopped steadily at the door of the mansion, and the servant in the tuxedo pulled the car door. At the same time, someone immediately began to lead the way, and the who