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l wanted to get up, but she was gently held down by the other party. “These can all be done slowly,” Roland smiled, “but here Before, I have to thank you on behalf of Neverwinter City for a good job, Luojia Burning Fire, Neverwinter City will reward you. “The nine hundred and nineteenth chapter of the main text of the repayment and compensation is remembered in one second. com, free reading of wonderful novels without pop-ups! “Now you agree that I have the ability to fight the devil?” Luojia suddenly came to his spirit. “I have never denied your qualifications to fight with them. In fact, even an ordinary woman who has no power to hold a chicken will participate in this mighty war and be behind the defense line.” Roland reiterated. “What I am opposed to is fighting them alone. If the Witch of Sleeping Island comes later this time, without the symbiosis of sun and evening, you may have been buried in the Western Cemetery.” “But if not, Neverwinter City can’t find the devil army either.” Luo Jia said stubbornly. “I can reward you for a good result, but I cannot affirm the wrong approach for a good result.” Roland shook his head, “The most correct thing you did is to bring this news back to Neverwinter City, not Continue to stay in the wilderness and fight the enemy. If you ask me the same question now, my answer is still no. I don’t want you to fight the devil alone, and this time I will make the gatekeeper look more strict. , It saves you from coming back half-dead.” “Huh?” “This is the order of the warchief!” Roland was unmoved, “let’s talk about rewards first.” “Well,” the expression of the warchief when Mingming touched her ear just now. Not so serious, “Okay.” “There are three kinds of rewards, you can choose one of them. In short, they are Golden Dragon, Chaos Drink and a piece of customized equipment.” The first two are well understood, the last one. What is it? Are iron claws or steel teeth specifically for use in wolf form? It was not that she had not considered similar issues when she was in the Kuangya