table. The books on the table are neatly arranged, and there are several unfinished manuscripts in the center. The quill pen is inserted in the ink bottle and you can lift it up. Write it down. He walked to the table step by step and sat down on the wide chair. The chair surface is covered with a cool pad made of bamboo, which is suitable for alleviating the summer heat. There is also a large bucket of water next to the chair, which is obviously used to place ice awns and cool down the heat. However, today’s weather is a bit gloomy, the dark clouds on the sea are very low, and the room does not appear sultry. Tifeko leaned over and put his face on the table and sniffed, a faint scent passed into his nostrils-this is Garcia’s favorite blue amaranth scent, produced in Cold Wind Ridge. Like roses and rosemary, it contains a unique cooling sensation, like melting the snow and ice of the north. Only long-term use of an object can make it smell of itself. There is no doubt that his sister always sits on a chair like him, with her hands on the table, or listening to reports from her staff, or Write decree. Thinking of this, he couldn’t help laughing. “Hahahahahahahahaha —————————” In the end, Tifeko simply leaned back in his chair, raised his head and laughed loudly. He finally won! Garcia gave up Clearwater Port and the southern border, which was tantamount to giving up the throne of Greycastle. Since inquiring about the Black Sail fleet going northward along the coastline, he immediately summoned his men and drove more than 5,000 slaves, rats and criminals to the south, and launched an attack on Garcia’s Laoshui Harbor. The only resistance came from the sand people in the extreme south. They didn’t know what promise they had received, and they rushed forward as if desperately. And the trouble is, they also have crazy pills. This battle lasted for nearly half a month. Tifeko took advantage of the large number of people to disrupt the opponent’s counterattacks time and time again, and constantly eroded the s