ou about their recent situation, are they sick?” This is a new and interesting question. Seni couldn’t help but Cocked the corners of his mouth, if it hadn’t happened to have seen them go through the formalities in the city hall, I really couldn’t answer, “They went to Longsong Fortress.” “Ah,” the other party showed a disappointed look, “Aren’t they going to stay here? Border town?” “Just go to the fortress theater to perform,” he shrugged, “and it’s so hot now, you can’t bear to see them standing in the sun and sweating? They will continue to return in autumn. The square is performing the new drama.” “Original, it turned out to be so thank you, my lord!” Seeing the young man leaving contentedly, Seni couldn’t help thinking of himself—from knights to prisoners, from prisoners to city hall officials. Yue’s experience can be described as ups and downs. He didn’t want to return to the territory of Benlang’s house, where there was nothing but dilapidated houses and tracts of wheat fields. Being a knight just wanted to get rid of the life of following his father for a lifetime. Not every knight can be as beautiful as the dawn and morning light, or have the best territories and subordinates like a ducal knight. Now his salary for a year is more than when he was a knight, and there is still a broad room for improvement. Maybe it’s time to bring your parents to the town, marry a girl, and enjoy life. (To be continued.) Chapter 264 The first batch of wheat planted in Fengshou Border Town finally ushered in the harvest day. Under the scorching sun, the serfs cut the wheat stalks with sickles, bundled them up and transported them to the other side of the river. Roland knows that the process from wheat ears to wheat kernels is a very tedious process. Before mechanical farming tools and combine harvesters are popular, wheat kernels need to be separated, cleaned, screened, and dried manually. Now he witnessed this process again. After the wheat stalks were transported back to the camp, the serfs spread them out on the gr