“No, it’s still the same delicious.” Melissa replied firmly and stubbornly. The three brothers and sisters talked and laughed, digested for a while, then cleaned up the plates, forks and spoons together, and poured back the fried fish oil. After being busy, they had a refreshing course, a self-study of accounting knowledge, and a continued reading of textbooks and notes, and they lived full and satisfied. At eleven o’clock, the three brothers and sisters Klein turned off the gas lamps and washed and went to sleep.The darkness in front of him made him feel utterly hazy, and Dunn Smith, wearing a black knee-length trench coat and a half-top hat, suddenly appeared in Klein’s sight. does not pull the trigger or blindly fire the is fired. The opponent will not be sure that he is a rookie, and he may not hit him. He will worry. He will be afraid, he will consider so much that he will restrain himself”Captain” Klein suddenly woke up, and knew clearly that he was in a dream. Dunn’s gray eyes did not waver, as if saying a little thing:”Someone sneaked into your room, picked up your revolver, forced him into the hallway, and then handed it to us.” Someone sneaked into my room. The monitor finally took action. Klein was startled and didn’t dare to ask more. He just nodded and said: “Okay.” The scene before his eyes changed immediately, and the colors appeared chaotically, shattering one by one like bubbles. Opening his eyes, Klein tilted his head carefully and looked at the window. He saw a thin and unfamiliar figure standing in front of the desk, rummaging silently. Chapter Twenty-Eight Secret Religious Society Puff and puff Klein’s heart suddenly began to beat violently, it contracted into a ball, and bulged suddenly, causing his body to tremble slightly. For a moment, he almost forgot what he was going to do and what to do, until the figure of the infiltrator suddenly stopped, and his ears were slightly tilted, as if he had heard a change. “Blood” fell from his brain, Klein regained his basic thinking ability, touched his hand under the pillow, and held the wooden handle of the revolver. A hard and smooth touch came, his emotions quickly stabilized, and his movement calmly and silently pulled out the pistol and aimed it at the head of the intruder. To be honest, he is not sure whether he can hit the opponent. Although he has been able to hit the target steadily before, the concept of an active person and a fixed target are completely different, and he is not arrogant enough to confuse the two. However, he vaguely remembered a sentence from his previous life, which probably meant that the greatest power of a nuclear bomb only existed before it was launched. At this time and in this environment, the truth is the same. The best deterrent is the before the bullet is firedThe idiom of the big foodie is, be prepared. When Klein’s muzzle was aimed at the intruder, the thin man froze suddenly, as if he had sensed something.In an instant, one thought after another emerged, which made Klein immediately make a decision. He was not the kind of person who became more critical and calmer. He had long anticipated the scene of encountering a monitor, and had anticipated the use of intimidation and non-attack. the Lord. Immediately afterwards, he heard a voice with a chuckle: “Sir, good evening.” The thin man held his hands quietly, his body seemed tight, Klein sat on the lower bunk of the high and low bed and pointed his gun at him. In the head, the tone is as leisurely and natural as possible: “Please raise your hands, turn your body, and slow down as much as possible. Frankly speaking, I am a timid and nervous person. If you are too fast, I will be I was shocked, I can’t guarantee that there will be no accidental firing. Yes, that’s it.” The thin man raised his hands halfway to his head and turned his body a little bit. The first thing that caught Klein’s eyes was the tightly-buttoned black body. Yi, and then two thick and sharp brown-yellow eyebrows. Klein couldn’t see the fear in his blue eyes. Instead, he felt like he was being stared at by a ferocious beast. It seemed that if he was not careful, he would be pounced and torn to pieces by the opponent. He held the handle of the gun tightly, trying to make his expression calm and indifferent. Until the thin man was completely facing himself, he raised his chin, pointed to the door, and said softly and gently: “Sir, let’s go out and talk, don’t disturb other people’s dreams, um, move slowly and walk lightly. This is the most basic courtesy of a gentleman.” The thin man turned his cold eyes, glanced at Klein, still half-raised his hands, and walked towards the door step by step. Under the aim of the revolver, he twisted the handle and slowly opened the door. Just when the door was half open, he suddenly squatted down and rolled forward, and the door seemed to be pulled by a violent wind, with a bang, and closed again. “Yeah” Benson on the upper bunk was shocked by the huge movement, confused and about to wake up. At this time, a melodious and peaceful melody came in from outside, and a deep and soothing voice chanted: “Ah, the threat of fear, the crimson hope At least one thing is true: this life flies. One thing is true, and the rest are all lies. After the flowers bloom for a while, they will die.” Note 1This poem seems to have the power to relax and settle, and Benson in the upper bunk, Melissa in the middle and others fell asleep again in a daze. Klein was quiet physically and mentally, and he almost yawned. The skinny man just got rid of so agile, he didn’t have time to react. Looking at the closed door, he smiled and said to himself: . “You may not believe say, my hair is actually empty shells” defensive mistake firing of blank ammunition Next, Klein listening to midnight poems, patience Waiting for the battle outside to end. But within a minute, the tranquility stopped as the melody of the moonlight lake, and the darkest night returned to its deepest silence. Klein silently slid the wheel and opened the air, waiting for the results to appear. This wait lasted ten minutes. Just when he was uneasy and hesitating to go out to investigate, Dunn Smith’s calm and gentle voice finally came from the door: “It’s solved.” Huh, Klein sighed and raised his mind. Revolver, took the key, bare feet, cautiously approached the door, opened the door silently, and saw Dunn Smith with a black windbreaker knee-length, a half-top hat, and deep gray eyes standing opposite. With the backhand closed, he followed Dunn to the end of the corridor, standing in the faint crimson moonlight. “Wasted some time to get into his dream.” Dunn said calmly while looking at the red moon outside the window. “I know his origins” Klein relaxed a lot. Dunn nodded slightly and said: “An ancient organization called the Secret Order. They were established in the Quaternary Period. They were related to the Solomon Empire and some of the fallen nobles at that time. Heh, the notes of the Antigonus family came from them. Because of the negligence of a member, he entered the antiquities market and was obtained by Welch. They had to send people to search everywhere.”