It’s fast to go, the vertical version makes people feel very bad to read. I only turned the beginning and threw the book in the corner.I waited until the last month of continuous bad luck, lost mobile phones, customers running off the road, work mistakes, bad things coming in turn, and then accidentally remembered that there was a transfer ceremony at the beginning of the “Minutes of Alchemy”, and the requirements were extremely simple, without any foundation: just transfer Make four servings of staple food in the area and place them in the four corners of the room. This can be on the table or on the cabinet. Then stand in the center of the room and walk out of a square counterclockwise with four steps. The first step is to read “Fu Sheng Xuan Huang Xian” sincerely. “Zun”, the second step silently recite “Fu Sheng Xuan Huang Tianjun”, the third step silently recite “Fu Sheng Xuan Huang Tian Zun”, the fourth step silently recite “Fu Sheng Xuan Huang Tian Zun”, after walking, close your eyes and wait on the spot for five minutes. success. With the mentality of not wanting money anyway, I pulled out the book by myself and did it again before dinner as requested. However, nothing happened at the time. Who would have thought, to the middle of the night, he was crossed crossed “There may be certain that transport ceremony ah, here tomorrow to try, if it is because of it, there is hope that I wear to go back,” shaking stopped Zhouming Rui thrown revolver The action of the pistol suddenly sat up straight. No matter what, you have to try it yourself. A dead horse must be a living horse doctor.s: It will be updated three times tomorrow. It will be more funny to add a chapter to the book. The first one in the early morning tonight, the second one at 12:30 noon, and the third one at seven in the evening. In Chapter 3, Melissa (please ask for a recommendation ticket) confirmed the plan, Zhou Mingrui suddenly had a backbone, and the panic, wandering and insecure department was curled up in the corner. Compared with Sunday schools that only use one copper penny a week, public elementary schools cost three pennies a week. However, the former only study one day a week on Sunday, while the latter requires six full school days a week. From a point of view, the price is low to almost free.Until this time, he was in the mood to carefully examine Klein’s remaining memory fragments. Zhou Mingrui stood up habitually, closed the pipe valve, watched the wall lamp slowly dimmed until it went out, and sat down again, rubbing the brass wheel of the pistol unconsciously, while holding down the side of his head, stained with crimson Quietly “aftertaste” in the dark, like the most attentive audience in a movie theater.Perhaps affected by the bullet passing through, Klein’s memory is like broken glass, which not only loses continuity, but also obviously lacks content in many places, such as where the exquisite revolver came from, whether it was suicide or homicide, on the notebook. What does the phrase “everyone will die, including me” mean? Did you participate in strange things two days before the incident? Not only did these specific memories become fragmented and fragmented, but even the knowledge he had mastered was the same. Judging from the current state, Zhou Mingrui believed that if Klein returned to university, he might not be able to graduate, even if he actually left the campus. For a few days, and did not relax at all. “Two days later, I will participate in the interview of the History Department of the University of Tingen. ” “The university in the Kingdom of Ruen has a traditional tutor who has graduates who do not directly stay on campus. He gave a letter of recommendation from Tingen University and the University of Beckland.” Zhou Mingrui While “watching” silently, the red moon outside the window slanted to the west, gradually sinking until there was a dim light in the east, and the horizon was dyed golden. At this time, there was movement from the room inside, and soon, the sound of footsteps leaned against the isolation door. “Melissa was really on time when she woke up.” Zhou Mingrui smiled slightly. Influenced by Klein’s memory, she felt like seeing her own sister. However, I didn’t have a real sister, and he immediately complained. But in three years, on the premise of incorporating many church schools, numerous public elementary schools were established, strictly maintaining the principle of religious neutrality, and not involving disputes between the Lord of the Storm, the Goddess of Night, and the Church of the God of Steam and Machinery. Melissa is different from most girls. She liked gears, clockwork, bearings and other things since she was young, and she aspires to be a steam mechanic. Benson, the elder brother who has suffered cultural losses and understands the importance of education, supported his younger sister’s dream just like Klein’s college education. After all, Tingen Technical School can only be regarded as a secondary education, and there is no need for a law school or public school. Do accumulation. In July last year, the fifteen-year-old Melissa passed the entrance exam and got her wish to become a member of the Steam and Mechanical Department of Tingen Technical School. The weekly tuition fee was also increased to nine pence.At the same time, the import and export company where Benson worked was affected by the situation in the southern continent. Both profits and business volume had shrunk drastically. They had to lay off more than one-third of their staff. Can accept more arduous tasks, must often work overtime, or travel to places with harsh environments, just like these days. It’s not that Klein never thought of helping his elder brother to bear the burden, but he was born as a commoner, and he was admitted to the general grammar school. Once he entered university, he felt his own shortcomings. For the children of the nobles and the children of the wealthy class, that was something that he had to learn from an early age, and he didn’t get in touch for the first time until college. There are many and many similar aspects. Klein has almost exhausted all his strength, often staying up late and getting up early, only to barely catch up with others and graduate with a moderate grade. The memory of his brother and sister jumped in Zhou Mingrui’s mind. As soon as he turned his hand, the door of the room creaked open, he suddenly woke up and remembered that he was holding a revolver in his palm. This is a semi-regulated item that will frighten the children. Also, there is a wound on my head. Seeing Melissa is about to come out, Zhou Mingrui hurriedly opened the desk drawer and threw the revolver in while holding on to his temple. There was a bang. “What happened?” Melissa heard the movement and looked up suspiciously. She is at the youngest stage. Even if she can’t eat anything good, her face is thin and pale, and her skin is still full of luster, exuding a girlish breath. Seeing his sister’s brown eyes, Zhou Mingrui calmly picked up the things close to his hand, and then calmly closed the drawer to cover the existence of the revolver, and the touch of the other hand at the temple made him determine the wound It has been healed. his drawer out of the watch is a silver-white pattern vine leaves, touch of the top, the table will be bounced off the lid.It is the father of the three brothers and sisters, the most valuable item left by the Royal Sergeant, but the second-hand goods are second-hand after all. In recent years, problems have occurred from time to time, even if they have been repaired by a watchmaker. Benson, who likes to bring it to elevate his status, repeatedly suffered embarrassment and simply left it at home.I have to say that Melissa may really have a talent for mechanics. After mastering theoretical knowledge, she began to use the tools of technical schools to make this pocket watch. Recently, she claimed to have repaired it. Zhou Mingrui watched the watch cover pop open and saw The second hand stopped moving and turned the top subconsciously, intending to wind the pocket watch. However, after twisting a few laps, there was still no sound of tension, and the second hand remained motionless. “It seems broken again.” He looked at his sister without words. Melissa glanced at him expressionlessly, walked over quickly, and took away her pocket watch. She stood in place and pulled up the button on the top of the pocket watch. After only a few turns, the sound of the second hand moving was heard. Normally, shouldn’t it be time to pull up, Zhou Mingrui’s expression suddenly became sluggish. At this moment, the bells of the cathedral in the distance rang out for six consecutive times, long and ethereal. Melissa listened carefully, then pulled the button on the top of the pocket watch up a bit, then twisted it continuously to correct the time. “Okay.” She said briefly and without emotion, then pressed back to the top and returned the pocket watch to Zhou Mingrui. Zhou Mingrui smiled awkwardly and politely. Melissa took a deep look at her brother again, turned and walked towards the cabinet, took toothbrushes, towels and other things, pulled the door and went to the public bathroom.