“The Church of Tranquility” Klein nodded slightly as if thinking. “In addition, there are copies of various high-density literature and classics. When your authority is increased, you may have the opportunity to read it.” Dunn groaned for a while and said, “On the ground floor behind Chanis Gate, there are some sealed objects. . ” ” seal material “Klein chewing word. This sounds like a proper noun. “Some of the extraordinary items we collect and obtain are too important and magical. If they are obtained by evil people, they will cause great damage. Therefore, they must be kept strictly confidential and strictly guarded. Even if we are ourselves, we must be under certain circumstances. “Speaking of this, Dunn Smith paused for a while,” said, “Moreover, there is a part of its existence that is very special. It has certain living characteristics that will lure guards, affect the surroundings, will escape by itself, will The disastrous consequences must be strictly controlled.” “It’s amazing.” Klein said with emotion.”The Night Watcher Headquarters divides these sealed artifacts into four levels. Level 0 means very dangerous, the highest level of attention, the highest level of confidentiality, no inquiries, no spread, no description, no snooping, and can only be sealed under the sanctuary.” Dunn The detailed introduction said, “Level 1 is highly dangerous and can be used with limited use. The confidentiality level is the bishop of the diocese and the deacon of the night watcher and above. The central church of the headquarters of the diocese such as Backlund can store one or two pieces, and the rest must be handed over to the church. ” Level 2 is dangerous. Use it cautiously and sparingly. The level of confidentiality is the bishop and night watcher squad leader and above. The central churches in major cities can store three to five pieces. Others are handed over to the church or parish headquarters. Level 3 is There is a certain danger, you must use it carefully. You must apply for more than three people. The confidentiality level is the official member of the night watcher.” “After you see the corresponding document, you should understand what it represents by the number. For example, 2125 is dangerous. Grade 125 Sealed Artifact.” Dunn said as he spoke, suddenly turned around, walked back to the room, and found a piece of paper from the bottom of the drawer: “By the way, take a look at this. Three years ago, a new archbishop lost control. , I don’t know how I broke through the heavy protections, and disappeared mysteriously with a level 0 sealed artifact. You should recognize his photo. If you find it, don’t be alarmed, don’t bother, come back and report it, otherwise, you are 1% Thousand died.” “What” Klein took the piece of paper and found that he didn’t look up, only a black and white photo and a few lines of text: “Inz Zangwill, male, forty years old, former archbishop, look at the failed promotion. The doorman, seduced by the devil, fell into evil, and absconded with the Sealed Artifact 008. The specific feature is ” above the photo, Inzhangwill wears a double-breasted black clergy robe, a soft hat, and hair The color is dark gold, his pupils are blue to the same deep black, his nose is high, his lips are tight, his facial features are like classical sculptures, without the slightest wrinkle, and the most eye-catching sign is blindness. “The description of the fallen is detailed, and there is only one code name for the sealed artifact” Klein truthfully expressed his first feeling.”So it is the highest level of confidentiality. The search and transmission of 008 sealed objects are all oral, not written in words, and only a little bit of it.” Dunn sighed, “The shape of 008 is a common quill pen, but You can write without ink, .” “No, it is necessary. Dunn shook his head and smiled, “Think about it, would you still want to continue living in the current apartment? Even the bathroom must be shared with several households, regardless of yourself, you must also consider the lady, and” Dunn didn’t say much about this. He took out a gorgeous pocket watch of the same color along the golden chain on the black trench coat, snapped it open, glanced at it, and pointed. Outside the door:”I’ve said everything that should be said. You can find Old Neil in the weapon store and ask him to arrange specific literature reading for you. He is not an ordinary civilian. He used to be a full member, but he is just older. , Has not been promoted, is in poor physical condition, is no longer suitable for handling cases, and is still unwilling to become an internal caretaker or recuperate directly at home, and only hopes to be accompanied by literature and classics.” s: Second, ask for a recommendation. Chapter 20: The Forgetful Dunn (Third, please ask for a recommendation) “Okay. A quill pen that looks very ordinary does not need ink for writing . What is its true function so that it must be highly confidential. It is considered “very dangerous” It won’t be a karma pen to write about who died, right? No, that’s too bad. Inszangwill has no need to abscond. Klein just turned around and wanted to leave, but Dunn Smith behind him suddenly called him: ” Wait a minute, I forgot one thing. ” What?” Klein turned his head, eyes filled with doubts. Dunn put his pocket watch and smiled and said: “Wait, remember to ask Mrs. Oriana, the accountant, to advance the salary for four weeks, a total of 12 pounds, and then only receive half of it every week. Salary until the repayment is complete. “It’s too much. There is no need for it, but it can be less.” “Klein subconsciously said. He didn’t object to the advance payment. After all, he didn’t even have the stagecoach fare to go back, but the huge sum of 12 pounds at once made him a little scared. saying “And you also need a walking stick, and you have to buy a new formal outfit. ” Klein startled for a second, immediately wake up, his face suddenly a little fever, because he wears a set of cheap goods.Seeing Klein nodded in agreement, he paused, smiled and looked at the other party’s clothes, saying meaningfully: Normally, the top hat must be made of silk, worth 5 to 6 sole, and the bow tie 3 sole, inlaid with silver. His walking stick is 7 to 8 sul, shirt is 3 sul, pants, waistcoat and dovetail dress cost about 7 pounds, and leather boots are 9 to 10 sul. Such a set will total 8 pounds and 7 sul. Of course, one person A decent gentleman also needs a bracelet, pocket watch, and wallet. At the beginning, the original owner and his brother Benson were frugal, saved a sum of money, went to the cloakroom and asked about it, but they didn’t even dare to even the price and strayed away. They made do with each other in the cheap store near Iron Cross Street. People bought a set for less than two pounds. Because of this incident, the original owner was extremely impressed by the price of clothing. “Good, good.” Klein replied slightly. Like the original owner, he is also a face-seeking person. Dunn took out his pocket watch again, opened it, and took a look: “Or you can go to Mrs. Oriana first. I don’t know how long you will stay with Old Neil. After a while, Mrs. Oriana will go home. . ” ” Okay. “Klein deeply impoverished, not against it. Dunn walked back to the table and pulled one of the hanging ropes and said: “I will let Luoshan take you there.” The ropes moved , the gears turned, and Luoshan in the reception hall of the “Blackthorn Security Company” heard the hanging next to him. The bell rang lightly, got up quickly, and went downstairs cautiously. Before long, she appeared in front of Klein. Humor Dunn Smith laughed: “I did not disturb your rest ah, the Moretti brought his wife Oriana there.” Rozanne quiet natural curl one’s lip, “happy” to answer: . “Well, captain,” “so “At this moment, Klein blurted out in surprise. Go to “finance” to advance salary, you don’t need the captain to approve a note, write something”So” Dunn asked in confusion. “I mean, go to Mrs. Oriana to pay the salary in advance, don’t you need to sign it?” Klein said in as simple as possible.”Oh, no, no need, Roshan can prove it.” Dunn Smith pointed to the brown-haired girl and replied. Captain, our “financial management” is almost unmanaged. Klein resisted the urge to complain, followed Luo Shan and walked out of the room. At this moment , he heard Dunn yell again: “Wait a minute, there’s one more thing.” Can we finish talking at once, Klein turned around with a smile on his face: “You speak.” Dunn pressed. He lowered his temple and said: “When you go to Old Neil’s place, remember to receive ten rounds of demon hunting bullets.” “I hunt demon bullets” Klein asked in surprise. “Isn’t Welch’s revolver at your place? You don’t need to hand it in.” Dunn said with one hand, “With the demon hunting bullet, you can protect yourself from any strange danger, uh. , This can at least give you courage.” Without adding the last half sentence, Klein was worried about this matter, and he did not hesitate to answer: “Okay, I will remember” “This requires me to write a formal document. Now, wait a minute.” Dunn Smith sat down, picked up the dark red absorbent pen, scribbled a “note”, signed the name, and sealed it.