Things.And the surrounding gray fog and crimson stars did not change, and there was nothing that seemed to be non-existent and the bright and pure brilliance that seemed to have a certain life. Turning his gaze, Klein saw that the color of the aura of “Justice” was exactly in line with Old Neil’s description, the red is red, the purple is purple, the blue is blue, the white is white, and the luster is bright and the thickness is appropriate. At first glance, she is full of vitality. “Her emotions are red and yellow, happy, enthusiastic, and excited” Klein made a judgment and turned his attention to “The Hanged Man.” Like “Justice”, the color of the hanged man’s aura is nothing special, but the mood is blue, mixed with orange. “Calmness, thinking, caution, and a little bit of satisfaction.” Klein was not too confident to come to a conclusion at the first attempt. Just when he was about to look away, he suddenly noticed a strange thing. In the innermost layer of the aura of “The Hanged Man”, the colors and feelings seem to completely unify Klein’s cohesive spirit. If you look carefully, you can vaguely see a deep blue in the depths of the “etheric body” of the “Hanged Man”, like sea water. It feels like wind and waves. “His astral body, or the surface of the astral body, looks like this. He is truly extraordinary, and he seems to be stronger than Old Neil.” Klein was full of thoughts, and his heart was full of doubts. “It’s not necessarily, maybe just because This special environment, only because this is my home field, I can see this, it’s not that Old Neil didn’t have a similar performance.” He turned his head and looked at “Justice” again, confirming that it is something extraordinary. special. At this time, Alger also completed his greetings. Audrey took a breath and asked implicitly, “Mr. Hanged Man, have you received the box of ghost shark blood?” youAudrey smiled modestly: “I am glad to see the result.””Thank you very much. It perfectly meets all my expectations. I really didn’t expect you to send it over so quickly. The blood of the ghost shark is not an ordinary extraordinary thing.” Alger answered calmly. Since she was a child of mystery and related things, she also made some friends in the aristocratic circle who had the same hobbies. They exchanged information, books and rare items with each other, but before that, no one had acquired supernatural powers and became truly extraordinary. However, several princes have hinted that if she is willing to become a princess, she will get the gift she wants. However, this time the ghost shark blood was obtained directly from the family treasury. Anyway, the list was registered as “a large bottle”. It did not record how many milliliters, and did not say whether it was full or not. She believed that a small half would be lost. Xiaoban, no one will notice, even if there is an accident or the matter is revealed, the parents should not pursue it. Alger took a deep look at the Fool in the gray mist, turned his head and smiled: “According to the agreement, I I will tell you the audience the formula of this potion.” “I’ll prepare it, now, let’s start.” Audrey took a breath and concentrated all her attention. “The preparation of low-sequence potions is very simple, just put them in the order given, but you must remember that the amount of ingredients would be less than more, that would cause big problems. You should have heard of Extraordinary’s. Out of control, I don’t need to repeat it again.” Alger first talked about the precautions. Audrey nodded gently and said: “I fully understand.” While speaking, she turned her head and glanced at Mr. “Fool”, wondering if this mysterious strong man could add anything, but unfortunately, in her sight, “The Fool” “Sitting there quietly, like a statue. Alger thought for a moment and said : “A little less does not mean too deviating. If you don’t have a helper, I suggest you spend time to familiarize yourself with chemistry experiments.” “I have a tutor in this area.” Audrey answered without burden. . Alger talked about the maximum degree of deviation and so on, and then he recited fluently:”Audience, Sequence 9 potion, 80ml pure water, add 5 drops of colchicine extract, add 13g bulltooth peony powder, add 7-petal elven flower, add a pair of adult manharic eyes, add 35ml horned blackfish blood. ” ” “The next two are the main materials, both of which come from the extraordinary marine species. You must be cautious.”ah. “Looking back side edge Audrey repeated up to” 80 ml of pure water, 5 drops of colchicine extract, 13 g bovine tooth, bovine tooth ” ” peony powder. “Alger given a reminder. With the help of the other party, Audrey gradually memorized the formula in the correct order, but she was still not at ease, muttering there, repeating it over and over again. “Do you know meditation?” Alger nodded when he saw “Justice”, and continued, “I don’t know what meditation you know is like. I will describe once after taking potions and start meditation as soon as possible. Controlling spirituality and power must be done every day. Practice to truly master the power of a potion and dig out its symbolic meaning and more mystery. Only in this way can you avoid the danger of losing control to the greatest extent. The symbolic meaning of a potion lies in its name, such as the audience ” Klein Quietly listening to their exchanges, originally didn’t intend to interrupt, only secretly remembering and learning, but when I heard this, my heart suddenly moved and I had an idea. Audrey listened carefully to the explanation of “The Hanged Man”, and was about to ask a few details, but suddenly heard the sound of tapping the table. She and Alger turned their heads at the same time and looked at “The Fool” Klein sitting at the top, only to see the mysterious strong man tapping his fingers, and said in a low voice, “Not mastering, but digesting.” “Not digging,” It’s acting.” “The name of the potion is not only a symbol, but also an image, but also a key to digestion.” Audrey was dumbfounded and at a loss, not too clear about what Mr. Fool wanted to express. She subconsciously looked at the reaction of the “hanged man” from the corner of her eye, but was stunned to find that the other party’s body trembled and stiffened there, as if an ordinary person heard a huge and sudden thunder. “Digest, play digest, play digest, play, the key” Alger whispered over and over again, as if he had grasped the key, or was under a weird spell.After a while, he lifted his head and said in a hoarse voice: “Thank you, Mr. Fool, your tips are as precious as my life. This has helped me figure out a lot of things. Of course, I believe I have not fully Understand, completely understand.” Klein maintained a mysterious and profound image and said with a smile: “This is an advance payment.”In fact, he himself still didn’t quite understand the exact meaning of those few words just now, but he was certain that Emperor Roselle was better than ordinary Extraordinaries and better than “The Hanged Man.” Prepaid remuneration Audrey saw the reaction of “The Hanged Man” and knew the preciousness of the reminder. While reminiscing, she asked: “Mr. Fool, what do you want us to do?” The opposite Alger nodded and said: “You “Is there anything to entrust” Klein leaned back, glanced at each side separately, and said in a low and soothing voice: “Help me collect Roselle Gustav’s secret diary, even if there is only one page.” s: Please recommend. Tickets Chapter 35 Exchange News (Third more recommended votes) The Secret Diary of Russell Gustav Sure enough, only this kind of thing is worthy of the attention of the strong like Mr. Fool. Dai Li was taken aback for a moment, and then she realized that she was not surprised at all. It is said that Emperor Roselle once saw “Profane Slate”, and it is said that the secret cards he made contain 22 ways of God. This is something that every high-ranking expert will definitely care about. “Diary is a diary.” Alger frowned slightly, keenly aware of a detail. Mr. “Fool” used the affirmative tone of Russell Gustav’s legacy as a diary. How did he know how he confirmed it? Did he master the interpretation of the “Roselle Secret” to face the question of “The Hanged Man” , Klein, who achieved the expected effect, leaned back in his chair, clasped his hands, and replied in a relaxed tone: “Let’s treat it as a diary for now.”He neither denied nor affirmed. Klein’s voice, Audrey saw a piece of tawny parchment and a dark red pen in front of him.”It is said that Emperor Roselle’s, uh, diary, was written with secret words or symbols invented by himself.” Audrey heard other noble children mention this matter, but she never really saw it, so she was curious for a while. Ask aloud.”Yes.” Alger replied simply, “Some people think that it is a unique set of occult symbols, and some believe that it is a kind of hieroglyphics, but until today, no one has found the correct way to interpret it, at least I know This is the case within the range of .” Speaking of the back, he turned his head to look at Klein, as if he wanted to seek certain affirmation, and he seemed to be skeptical. It was a text that had evolved for several generations, and it was no longer the original pictogram. According to your thinking, how could it be possible to interpret Klein in a calm mood, and he sneered secretly. As for the idea of ​​treating as occult symbols, he instantly thought of some absurd and funny scenes: an evil mage wearing a black hooded robe, rolled up his cuffs, and revealed the tattoo on his arm, which is said to be from Roselle The symbols left by the emperor with mysterious powers were two cyan, huge simplified characters: “Joy than” Klein’s mouth slowly turned upward, and his mood became more and more good. After listening to the description of “The Hanged Man”, Audrey said embarrassedly: “The symbols or words that we can’t understand, how can we relay them to you here, Mr. Fool, or send them to some place.” This is really important. I still don’t have a channel to receive things in secret. Klein didn’t rush to answer. He crossed his hands and touched and touched the thumbs apart. Soon, he found an idea: Since I can according to their own ideas, to create a temple here and tables and chairs that can you let someone in mind the contents presented directly rubbing it a try this time, Audrey and Alger saw Mr. Fool, who was covered in a thick gray mist, slowly sitting upright and said: “Miss Justice, let’s try it out. You imagine a piece of text and give it the emotion to write it out urgently. Well, you pick up the pen next to it, Write on paper.” She picked up the pen in doubt and curiosity, and, as instructed, imagined in her mind a poem once written by Emperor Roselle: “If winter comes, will spring be far behind?” Note 1After reviewing the text, she picked up the pen and gave the idea of ​​presenting them all. Klein felt this kind of “emotion”, so he used the “pen” as the medium to guide him. As soon as Audrey dropped the pen, she saw a line of words on the parchment: “If winter comes, will spring be far behind?” “Goddess, this is amazing” Audrey said in surprise, full of emotion. Then, she looked at Klein with some horror: “Mr. Fool, you can read the thoughts in my heart”