up with a flash of electricity while he was not prepared, and he could solve all the problems. But after measuring his own state for a short time, he had to give up this idea. He was detained for too long, his body was weak and his lower limbs were numb, and he was not suitable for risk taking. So he had no choice but to continue speaking honestly: About ten years ago, I attended the adult banquet of Magellan’s daughter with my father. In order to enliven the atmosphere, Magellan’s collection room was opened that day to show the guests his antique collection. As a famous traveler when he was young, Magellan traveled many countries and organized a fleet to go to sea. That day everyone lingered in front of Linliang’s full of antiques, and I was no exception until I stumbled upon an ivory bracelet. Hendra measured it on his wrist, and I asked Lord Magellan what it was, and he told me it was a sacrificial instrument for the savages of Zulu River. The purpose of the Holy Word Prayer is the unity of the soul and the body, and while it brings a huge increase in strength, it naturally also contemplates the spirit invisibly. Since Lord Lord officially advanced to Xiguang, he has become more sensitive to the sudden and strong emotions around him. This sensitivity may be almost used to coax women in a tavern, but alert assassinations are simply not too affordable. Richard felt a sudden cold in the back of his neck inexplicably, and he pretended to be motionless without noticing it in his heart, but he waited and waited for Hendra to get into trouble. But I know that it is definitely not a sacrificial bracelet. Gunther just came over to join in the fun at leisure, spitting out the skin of the melon seeds, which is a hunting bracelet? Collection bracelet? Or what bracelet? Don’t just interrupt! Lord Lord raised his hand and threw the teacup over, but Gang Manzi shrank his head and flashed it. I recognized that it was a magical creation from the age of Titans. According to the size of the Titans, it should not be


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