initiative is always the most efficient, isn’t i

p for the minister’s assistant and pushed it to the other side. “Have you eaten yet? Talk while eating. “According to the maid, Barov rushed to see outside the palace at dawn, and he probably hasn’t eaten anything yet. Although he decided to imitate the fourth prince’s way of doing things first, the change has to be done a little bit. It’s a good goal, he thought, to make his men feel that you value them, and they will be more motivated to work for you. Subjective initiative is always the most efficient, isn’t it? Barov took the cup but didn’t drink, he anxiously Said, “Your Highness, we are in trouble. Three days ago, a guard reported that a camp where a suspected witch was sleeping was found in the western forest. They walked in a hurry and did not clean up the remaining traces. The guards found this in the camp. He took out a coin from his arms and put it in front of Roland. It was not a common currency, at least in Roland’s memory, he had never seen such a currency-it was not even like a metal product. He held it in his hand. , He was surprised to find that this thing was heating up. It was definitely not the residual temperature of the minister’s assistant. The heat was at least forty degrees. This moment reminded him of warm baby. “What is this? “I thought it was just an evil thing made by a witch, but the matter is more serious than I thought,” Barov wiped his forehead. “The pattern on it is the mark of the holy mountain and the demon eye. This is a witch. The emblem of the Association. Roland rubbed the uneven surface of the coin, guessing that it was probably made of ceramic fired. The center of the coin is indeed carved with a “mountain” pattern-three triangles side by side, with an eye in the center of the triangle. The outline of the pattern is very high. Rough, it should be polished by hand. He recalled the Holy Mountain and the Demon The two nouns “eyes and witches” jointly aided the association, and no relevant information was found. It seems that the four princes added zero to the occult. Baro