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era. From the wanton hunting of witches, one could tell that dressing as a prince was already a high starting point. Besides, even if he didn’t get the throne, he was still the bloodline of the king of Greycastle. As long as he could survive, he would be considered a lord of the party. And what about being a king? Without the Internet, without the nourishment of modern civilization, he would have to be like these natives, burn a witch, live in a city where excrement is dumped at will, and finally die of the plunder of the Black Death? Cheng Yan suppressed the chaotic thoughts in his heart and walked to the floor-to-ceiling mirror in the bedroom. The person in the mirror had light gray curly hair, which was the most distinctive feature of the Greycastle royal family. The facial features are still correct, that is, his face has no shape, and it looks completely lacking in temperament. His face is slightly pale and lacks exercise. As for whether he was addicted to drinking, he recalled it, and it seemed okay. There were a few lovers in Wangcheng, all of whom were voluntary, and had not done anything to force others. Cheng Yan also guessed the reason for his own crossing-it should be the sudden death caused by Party A’s inhumane urging of the degree and the boss’s arrangement of working overtime overnight. The protagonists of this type of case are almost the code farmers, mechanical dogs, Engineering lion related. No matter what you think, this is at least an extra life. I really shouldn’t complain too much. In the days to come, he may be able to slowly reverse this kind of life, but the first task at the moment is to play the role of the fourth prince. Don’t let others find the horse’s feet and tie it directly to the stake as a devil possessing it. “In that case, live well first,” he took a deep breath. Witch Anna (Part 1) For the next time, he shut himself up in the room and remembered the world well. The servants brought in the dinner directly. With a strong desire to live, Roland abruptly suppressed the fear an