Roland clapped his hands and

tated the system dozens of times in his mind, but the fart did not happen. Sure enough, the novels are deceptive. Barov, who was waiting in the meeting room, was already fidgeting. He greeted him as soon as he saw Roland showing up, “His Royal Highness, why didn’t you order the execution of the hanging yesterday?” “What’s the matter with each other?” Roland clapped his hands and ordered the attendants. At breakfast, “Sit down and speak slowly.” It seemed to match the impression in memory. He thought that the chief knight would always like to question face to face when encountering problems, while the assistant minister would explain it to himself in private. In any case, the two people’s loyalty to themselves is still reliable-although it is likely to be for the king’s sake. “One day later, other witches may be attracted, Your Royal Highness! This is different from those little things before. Recklessly! “Why do you even say this?” Roland frowned and asked, “I thought you could distinguish the rumors from the facts. Barov looked confused, “What rumors?” “Evil witch, messenger of the devil,” Roland said indifferently, “isn’t this all the propaganda of the church?” I want them not to interfere here, I think it’s better to do it the other way around. They preach that witches are evil, so we don’t hunt witches, and we have to preach to the people in the territory that these are shameless rumors spread by the church. Barov was stunned, “Coco Witch is indeed” “Is it evil?” Roland asked back, “For example? The assistant minister was silent for a moment, seeming to wonder if the prince deliberately made him happy, “His Royal Highness, this kind of issue can be discussed later, I know you don’t like the church, but this kind of resistance will only backfire.” “It seems that reversing the inherent concept cannot be done overnight. Roland curled his lips, but did not continue to care about this. At this time, breakfast was on the table, a plate of fried bread, a plate of fried eggs, and a can of milk. .He first filled a cu